Friday, February 15, 2013

A story of sense

Things that will not be spoken, yet you know it.

It is always around us. it has always been. Things that you will not say, but you know it. they know it, but they will not say it. it can be called sense, or sometimes understanding. some of it is very good, for it becomes understanding. then, there is certain times it becomes sense and it hurts inside, you know what they meant, from their actions, their eyes, but whats come from lips is so sweet that you doubt it if it is real.

Maybe it is just only a suspicious thought when you are going through hard times in your life.

when you have known somebody for quite a time, eventually you will be able to sense their action, from what in the beginning looks so sincere, you will find it in the end to be quite dissapointing, heart that you thought would never change will show it's true color when times come.

You know it, yet it would not be spoken.

there will no words coming out to clear the air of suspicion. it will lingers around until it has become so clear that you need to go away.

Going away.

is it the right move? will it clears everything? can it be put under the same roof with giving up and running away? answers is not there for you to have it. you will never know until time tells you so.

but, it is better to be truthful and solve the puzzle. it always been better solution. but without hurting heart? impossible.

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