Saturday, March 17, 2012

The beauty and the beast

i bet its another nice day to you all, if its not, well make it nice~ :)

i just finished watching a movie..well... OK, a few movie...but then, there is this one movie that atract my attention, its about a love story between a blind girl that can see after surgery and his boyfriend, watching that movie brought some emotion in me, for me i would be expressionless against something that is sad or anything romantic, but this one really hook me up, maybe because somehow i can feel what is the guy in the movie feel, yeah..being a ugly one. i admit that im ugly...for as long as i remember, i have avoided myself from calling myself ugly, because i think that if i look down on myself, then people will too.i'll set and think the hardest i can, convince myself that im not ugly, just that im lack in feature, being pretty. or handsome, or good looking. but actually, it never got me anywhere. im still stuck with myself. although i may act arrogant and always praising myself, its just to cover myself, i still get down, hurt inside when someone said that im too dark, or ugly, but i cannot blame them, for i already like this and it is the truth. then, in this movie, the girl still likes him although he is beast, she loves his soul, not his face, and she accepts it. ahh~ what a lovely sight of perfect love, but does it exists? ahh~ one thing to find out~

the beauty and the beast

i'd never hate myself for looking like this, this is what God has given to me, and i accept it, and thankful for it. but im just a human, and human desire to be pretty and good looking, people may not care how i look, as long im their friend, which that extent, they can accept me.

so lets talk about love, does this beauty and beast love exist? i dont know, i am the beast, and i had my beauty before, which is already left this beast, hah~ accurately, this beast actually let her go...why? because this beauty got lots, lots of prince wanting her, much better than this beast, people would say, why dont you fight for that girl? if you really love her, then you should fight for her...well, this beast fights for her. but sadly, the beauty cannot hold on, and goes with one of the prince. what can i say?

she would say, "im not good for you" which actually means "youre not good for me"

till now, im stuck with this. i have always wanted to move on, and i did actually, because i love her no more, but the feeling still there, but the beauty left scar, and the second reason i stay a lone a beast. apart from the first reason which is i prefer to be a lone beast right now* until i found my beauty.

but, no beauty would've want a beast, for they have prince for them~ im being realist, that is the ugly truth.

why im writing like this? well this is feeling i got inside, someone may read, maybe prince or beauty or beast like me, just so that people know, beast is also human. we're ugly not because we wanted to, and just because you're prettier, doesn't mean you can toy us as you please.

good day.