Wednesday, August 31, 2011

unease feeling

often one feel this unease feeling...and it is hurtful to bear, as the cure for the pain is conceal. how it can be cured? is it stupid to be in this state? following this, one try to think about it thoroughly, yet one cannot jump into any conclusion other that one is a burden to other. is it true? why other treat one like stranger yet so closely together with another other. is it one being fooled? the answer is none to be find or can be answered by other nor one. still wondering for the right answer.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Twins : Mr. Happy and Ms. Sadness

in our ongoing life, there will be always time when we in despair, confusion, and heart breaking moment. every one and each of us will always some of these time. sometimes we will think, why we are be given such painful trial? the truth of people. once being in trouble, we will always forget the other side... the part we being in much better situation. we often forget that. we always wish for the happiness. and in this world, there are always have side of something, black and white, good and evil, love and hate, happy and sad. life and death. there are no such things like asking for free. to be happy, we need to taste, to accept, to embrace sadness, people who only wish for happiness tend to not appreciate the happiness itself. So God create sadness, as the twins for happy, without sad, u could never be happy, truly happy.