Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Human, unknown and Changes

a nice day to you all...
don't get cranky and start wondering why i out of nowhere using English for this post,
its just i need a change of pace, as well to develop my second language..hehe~
how you all do? hope you guys have a fine day despite of raining season....yeah...lots of people got sick in this season...why? why would i know? maybe they just too soft to be in this kind of situation~ ha ha ~ just kidding...
rain brings a lot of things, from emotion to physical thingy, some like it, some don't.
for me, i rather like rain, although it makes me wet and walk into class like I've just taken bath, ha ha ~

OK! its done for crappy things....

human! unknown! changes!
you, me, them, we are human...and human cannot escape from being afraid of something, they should be something..or anything that we will be afraid of, either insect, or food, or cat or worm, of even food...we will be afraid of something...we cannot escape from that, even that psychotic killer had their nightmares and things that they scare of. so human and fear...are cannot be separated....

unknown? what is it? huh? unknown? i don't know~ what is it?
yeah...that is unknown...something that we don't know...that haven't been explore, that is what we called unknown, for kids, the adulthood is unknown....going to the school for the first time, what is school feels like? that is unknown, some would be not afraid of this unknown, they rather be excited about it, but they cannot escape from being worry about what will happen...this it scary? lets put it like this, death, is it scary? i think all people scared of death, some would say they don't, but that are just egoistic emotion derive from their inside, not admitting to something that they do not know, how can people know what is feel to die? what is feeling of the very soul of us are taken away by the angel of death? no one knows that, because it is not known, therefore it is unknown to us, making us afraid of the death.

Changes! i love it! sure i can change!
but what is change? what makes its differ from unknown? there is certain that people afraid of unknown, and there is another thing, which is changes, is it the same like unknown?to change from old to new, does it involve unknown..? to me, it change from something we already are to something new is unknown, when we felt comfortable with what we had, then we are force to change it. to change our live of being change forcefully, isnt it sound scary? yeah...but something that i learn, unknown and changes are the most important thing that we should not be afraid of,...our life is short...would you keep living on same boring routine?

born- school - work - married- retire - then off to coffin

whoa ~ i wouldn't wanna live like that, sure i wanna get married and stuff, but there is tonnes of unknown out there, possibilities that can change our lives, yeah, i'm talking about finding those unknown, the opportunity that come and grab it~ what? you hesitate? yeah! there! you got it, that is the feeling towards unknown, yeah, even i feel it too, as long you know what is good and bad, you should be okay with it....

 people afraid of something they dont know...And mostly are afraid with changes....

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