Sunday, June 23, 2013

something that i want to do

It's already been a long time. i think i will start again with this blog. for past post i have been writing my thoughts and what i felt about things happening around me, or inside me. but now, and time to come, i think i shall focuses on what i like and my passion. yeah...i think that it will be good...i think may take some time, but it will come..since i do like music, maybe i should do something with it. yes, i may be one of millions young'un out there thinking and wanting to produce my own sound, but hell, its everybody choice. is it not?

so i will start it, not for fame, not for money (but i do love money) but for things that i love, and while i'm at it, i think why not i'd combine with another thing that i like, yeah....that would be something...let's seee....i do love anime, and their thinking that i should do some cover on anime songs..well on acoustic of course, for at the moment i haven't got on my hands those flashy stuff for recording and stuff like that,...

but what should i do first? well...this is my first..and hope are not the last...

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